Monday, 14 March 2016


Ahoj! I have experienced some skills with these sensors recently. The HRI-Mei sensor reading device is a data interface for pulse output for industrial water meters. It provides a high-resolution pulse output with a flow direction signal. The data interface can be used for M-Bus applications. Designed for industrial water meters like MeiStream and Mei Twin, the HRI-Mei can be retrofitted without breaking your meter’s metrological seal. It is also built to withstand harsh environments, like flooded pits. Read the documentation carefully before wire, install, test etc. Applications for HRI-Mei:
  • Industrial monitor and control applications and SCADA systems
  • Flow rate indication using frequency converters like FM-1D/K or FM-2D/K
  • Local meter reading for billing applications
  • Meter remote reading and profiling via cable fixed networks with M-Bus, radio modem or GSM network
  • Data logging in conjunction with various data loggers (i.e., CDL)
 Ask if you face any difficulties! :)


  • Is compatible with commercial and industrial water meters like MeiStream and MeiTwin MID
  • Clips onto an appropriate water meter without breaking the meter’s seal
  • Detects water flow direction
  • Supports other applications requiring reed switches or optical pulse outputs
  • Accommodates a second pulser (depending on the register)

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