I/O ModBUS RTU Systems

Z-PC ModBUS RTU Series is a modular automation system for signal managemnt up to thousands I/Os. Z-PC series includes the widest variety of I/O: Digital inputs, fast counters, digital realys and mosfet outputs, analog channels (mA, V, Ohm, mV), strain gauges, RTDs, thermocouples. All modules support the ModBUS RTU communication both on bus and on terminals as well as an extensive range of power supply.

I/O ModBUS TCP-IP Systems

Z-PC ModBUS TCP-IP Series includes I/O modules for both analog and digital signals with ARM high-performance processor-based. They support both ModBUS TCP-IP and ModBUS RTU communication protocols on bus/terminals and also a wide range of input voltage up to 30 V. These modules can benefit from a 16-bit ADC converter with an acquisition speed configurable from 300 up to 5 ms. All modules support the ModBUS TCP-IP communication both on bus and on terminals as well as an extensive range of power supply.

I/O CANopen Systems

Z-PC CANopen Series is an I/O distributed system based on IEC 61131 programming that doesn't require the use of couplers, controllers or repeaters for each communication line. All modules have a CAN interface with communication speed up to 1 Mbps. These are suitable for signals acquisition and management of plant and machinery where I/Os, compared to controllers, are located in various parts of the plant. All modules support the CAnopen communication bus and/or terminals as well as an extensive range of power supply.

Multifunction Controllers IEC 61131

SENECA IEC 61131 controllers (Z-TWS11, Z-MINIRTU, Z-TWS4, Z-PASS2-S, S6001-RTU) combine automation capabilities based on Straton (powerful programming environment) with VPN technology, web servers, data logger, data acquisition and remote control. These controllers support architectures Distributed (RS485), Open (HTTP, FTP, ModBUS TCP client and server) and Integrated with other platforms.

Flow Computer | Process Controllers

Controllers with I/O integrated mid-range for dedicated and vertical applications such as pump controlling, process control and calculating / adjusting the flow of vapors. The configuration and user interface is leaded via ergonomic and intuitive HMI systems. These controllers represent simplified, efficient and cost-effective control systems.

HMI / Display

HMI category include touchscreen operator panels both 4.3" and 7" widescreen format VISUAL Series and S401-L our first OLED indicator (Organic Light Emitting Diode) for the industrial market.