Wednesday, 27 January 2016

AC Milan beat Alessandria the first leg!

Milan win the first-leg of the TIM Cup semi-finals with Alessandria 1-0.

MILAN – A first-half penalty from Mario Balotelli gave Milan a 1-0 victory over Alessandria on Tuesday night in the first-leg of the TIM Cup semi-finals.

The Italian striker kept ice-cool to send the Grigi goalkeeper the wrong way from the penalty-spot and break the deadlock on 43 minutes after Luca Antonelli had been brought down inside the box by Morero following a mazy-run.

Balotelli was involved again shortly after the restart setting up Keisuke Honda, but the Japanese star had his shot charged down from close range by Sabato.

The Grigi didn’t lose heart though and re-found the kind of defensive solidity that had characterised their opening half an hour performance to whether the storm and frustrate Milan’s attempts to kill-off the contest.

In the closing stages however Milan were unlucky not to add a second as Poli had a goal ruled out for off-side while Niang sprung the offside trap to go clear through on goal only to see his effort crash against the far post.

Forza ACM!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Work with Omron Sensors

If you need any help with any of these devices be free to ask me!
Omron Sensing Components detect, measure, analyze, and process various changes that occur on productions sites, such as changes in position, length, height, displacement, and appearance. They also contribute to predicting and preventing future events.
With these Separate-amplifier Sensors, the light from the Amplifier is transmitted through a fiber to enable detection in narrow places, other locations with limited access.
Photoelectric Sensors detect photo-optical workpieces. OMRON provides many varieties of Sensor, including diffuse-reflective, through-beam, retro-reflective, and distance-settable Sensors, as well as Sensors with either built-in or separate amplifiers.
These Sensors can be used to measure distances and heights. A wide variety of models is available, including Laser Sensors, LED Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Contact Sensors, Eddy Current Sensors, and more.
Vision Sensors/Machine Vision Systems analyze images to perform appearance inspections, character inspections, positioning, and defect inspections.
Code Readers can read 2D codes or bar codes and are available in installed or hand-held models.
Proximity Sensors are available in models using high-frequency oscillation to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects and in capacitive models to detect non-metal objects. Models are available with environment resistance, heat resistance, resistance to chemicals, and resistance to water.
These Optical Sensors provide a compact, low-cost method to detect workpieces. Many models are available, including Slot-type Sensors (through-beam) for non-modulated or modulated light, Reflective Sensors, and Sensors with separate emitters and receivers.
Rotary Encoders measure the number of rotations, the rotational angle, and the rotational position.
Ultrasonic waves are used to enable stable detection of transparent objects, such as transparent films, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and plate glass, using Through-beam or Reflective Sensors.
With Pressure Sensors, changes in pressure can be measured to confirm suction, verify mounting, manage source pressures, and test for leaking. Differential Pressure Flow Sensors are also available.
Contact Sensors which detect objects by physically contacting them and Liquid Leakage Sensors which detect liquid leaks