Friday, 12 February 2016

A single configuration software for all VT products.
These the main features of VTWIN
  • projects can swap terminals
  • on line help, menus and manuals in 5 languages
  • for Windows® 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP/7
  • configuration cables for all terminals
  • detailed hardware and software manuals (PDF format)
MPI and ETHERNET download
The project, firmware, recipes etc. can be transferred using the connection with the Ethernet or MPI network, thereby making the connection simpler and faster. The advantages of this kind of transfer are:
  • Rapid transfer (up to 187,5 kbit/s)
  • The MPI network terminals do not need to be disconnected
  • Automatic entry into download mode (operator need do nothing)
32 project languages
Projects can be created containing 32 languages (including Asian, Cyrillic, Greek etc. characters) and different sets to be transferred can be defined according to the nature of the application.
Import Export of translations and variables in CSV format
This function allows variables and translations to be exported into files that can easily be edited using Excel or a text-editor. Once edited, the file can be re-imported and VTWIN will automatically associate the translations, while the variables will be immediately available to be used to create new project components.
Importing variables from STEP 7
The (symbolic) variables created in Siemens® STEP 7 software can simply be exported from a STEP 7 project and then important into a VTWIN project. This makes it possible to define the variables only in the PLC project and then use them in VTWIN without any need for re-definition, thus saving time and avoiding possible transcription errors.
Separate downloader
When an operator terminal is installed for a customer, it may require a modification of the project. If the customer is a long way from where the project is developed, there may be difficulties in updating the application. Using the separate download function you can create a set of diskettes or a file folder containing all the changes madethat can then be sent via email, floppy, etc. Without needing to have or know VTWIN, the files will be installed and, using a menu accompanied by a full step-by-step video guide, it will be possible to update the operator terminal.
With the Siemens® Teleservice pack available and with the benefit of this new function implemented on VTWIN, it will be possible to give the customer assistance at a distance. Thus all the update functions of the terminal connected to the MPI
network can be easily carried out using the office terminal.

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